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Dates are in for the 2019 Super 30 Minnesota as well! Here is your 2019 Super 30 Minnesota Entry Form which you can print out and send in.

The 2019 Minnetonka page is up! This also includes the 2019 Minnetonka Entry Form. Tentative dates for the Tonka series in 2019 will be May 28th, June 17th, July 15th, August 12th and September 16th. Entry fee is now $400 per tournament for the Tonka series only! May event as always is $50 more, so $450 for the May 28 event. As per new Minnesota rules, fish limit will be 6 bass, not the 8 we had been doing. Team of the Year entry of $100 is still optional. Check the link above for more details and stay tuned for more info.

Ease Off is posted for the 9-15-2018 Clearwater event. We have some room for more teams to join so if you are interested you can show up with cash and entry form filled at the ease off.

Results are in for the last Super 30 Minnetonka event on 9-10-2018. The final 2018 Minnetonka Team of the Year standings are posted as well.

Final results are in for the last two Thursday Nighters – 8-23-2018 Thursday Night Bassin’ and 8-30-2018 Thursday Night Bassin’.

Results are in for the 8-18 Super 30 Minnesota Gull Lake tournament. Just one more Super 30 event left for both the Minnetonka and Minnesota series! See updated Super 30 Minnetonka Team of the Year Standings and Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year Standings.

Results are posted for the 8-2-2018 Thursday Night Bassin’ and 8-9-2018 Thursday Night Bassin’. Also Ease Off is up for our August Super 30 Minnetonka event on 8-13-2018.

Lots of updates! Results are up for the 7-21-2018 Minnewaska Tournament. Nhia Yang & Peter Lo caught 34 pounds to win the 7-16-2018 Super 30 Minnetonka event. That is the highest total since Todd Doege & Bob Hennen in June 2018! Super 30 Minnetonka Team of the Year Standings have been updated as well.

Results are posted for the first Thursday Night Bassin’ event – 7-12-2018 Thursday Night Bassin’.

We have the permits for 2018 Thursday Night Bassin’! Starting July 12th and going through the end of August. Fill out the Thursday Night entry form to enter.

Results are posted for the 6-23-2018 Le Homme Dieu bass tournament. Tom Petron & Cory Putnam come up on top to win their second Super 30 Minnesota tournament in a row.

It was a fine day for our second Tonka tournament. Michael Hengel and Luke Strom finish on top at the 6-18-2018 Tonka event!

Results are posted for the 6-10-2018 Whitefish Chain tournament. Tom Petron & Cory Putnam are your winners with 32 pounds 7 ounces of largemouths and a 5 pound 6 ounce Big Bass!

Results for our first Super 30 Minnetonka event are up! We had 62 boats on the lake on a fine day, with Austin & Dennis Felix coming out on top. Check here for the full results -> 5-29-2018 Super 30 Minnetonka

The first Super 30 event is in the books! Cory Hauk and Brian Harmon are the winners with 29 pounds 10 ounces. Full results here -> 5-19-2018 Mississippi River Pools 4 & 5. Stay tuned for the Ease Off for the first Tonka event later this week.


All tournaments this year qualify for Skeeter Real Money contingencies! Click the link to find out more info on how you could win just by fishing the Super 30.

The 2018 Super 30 Minnesota page has been created as well as the 2018 Super 30 Minnesota Entry Form. Send those forms in or if you have any questions give me a call/text 612-201-2406 or email

The Top 100 All Time Money Winner list has been updated with 2017’s results. Our first tournament of the year will be May 19th 2018 on the Mississippi River Pools 4 & 5, we will be going out of the Alma Marina.

Get ready for 2018! We have our 2018 Super 30 Minnetonka page set up and it includes the 2018 Super 30 Entry Form. Send it in or just shoot me an email so we know how many teams we can expect for 2018.

Skeeter Boat Center is offering the following discount to Denny’s anglers. Tell them you fish the Super 30 and you will get:

  • 1- 25% off Service Labor
  • 2- 10% off merchandise up to $400 excluding electronics/trolling motors
  • 3- 15% off for storage

SBC services most outboards and welcomes all boat brands for service. We’d also like to share that we’re the highest-rated Yamaha service center in the Midwest, and the highest-volume Skeeter dealer in the world. The local bass boat market has been increasing and our inventory is growing with it. We see a lot of quality used boats, take trades and also offer consignment sales to guys looking to sell their current rigs.

Another fine season is in the books! Check out the list of the Top 50 Money Winners of 2017. The Super 30 Minnesota Series finished off at the Gull Chain on September 23rd. Tom Whitehead & Jim Smith came out on top in this tournament and won the Super 30 MN Team of the Year as well.

Catching up on some Tuesday Night results. Results are posted for the August 29th 2017 Tuesday Night Tournament as well as the September 12th 2017 Tuesday Nighter and the final Tuesday Nighter September 19th 2017.

Results have been posted for the final Super 30 Tonka event on Monday September 11th. Eric Schultz & Corey Brant come out victorious at this event with 32+ pounds while Jim Bebo and Dusty Mahn finish as the Marketing Architects Super 30 Team of the Year!

Results are in for the 8-26-2017 Lake Minnewaska bass tournament! Also updated are the Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year standings with just one more event left to go (Gull Chain in September).

Tuesday Night Bassin’ results are posted for the 8-22-2017 Bass tournament with Aaron McGraw coming out on top with 11 pounds 15 ounces. We will be back on Tonka next Tuesday August the 29th so meet us at Maxwell Bay access at 4pm to fish.

It was a wild one on Monday with huge weights. Noah Schultz & Tim Pittman with the victory at the 8-14-2017 Super 30 Minnetonka. Big bass of 7 lbs. Took 28 – 2 to get in the money. Total weight of 1173 lbs of bass. 1 7lb bass, 2 6lb bass – at least 9 5lb bass.

Updates for the Super 30 Minnesota Series are online with the 8/12/2017 North Long Lake Bass Tournament Results as well as the 8-14-2017 Super 30 Minnetonka Bass Tournament. Results are in for the 8-8-2017 Tuesday Night Bassin tournament.

Results are posted for the 7-25-2017 Tuesday Night Bassin’ event! The next Tuesday Nighter is on August 8th.

The top 100 all-time winners list is updated as of July 20th with the recent tournaments.

7-17-2017 Minnetonka Bass Tournament results are posted online! Dusty Mahn & Jim Bebo with 33 pounds 13 ounces to win, the largest bag we’ve had on Tonka since Bob Hennen & Todd Doege had a 34 pound bag over five years ago – June 2012 Minnetonka Tournament Results.

With 2 tournaments to go for the 2017 Minnetonka Team of the Year it is still wide open for many teams. A win and 50 points can make a big move and if any of the top teams have a bad month they can fall a long way also. Dusty Mahn and Jim Bebo have been on fire and sit on top for now. Pay off is to the top 10 teams. The August tournament will set you up for the final in September. Good Luck to all the teams – this will be the biggest TOY payoff for the Minntonka Super 30 Team of the Year!

Results posted for the 2017 Leech Lake tournament and the Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year Standings are updated!

Our first Tuesday Night Bassin’ event of the year is in the books – 7-11-2017 Tuesday Night Bass Tournament Results.

Some notes regarding the boundaries and other info on our Leech Lake tournament on July 15, 2017, please read:

Leech Lake Tournament Boundaries – Tournament waters are restricted to Leech Lake proper and its tributaries up to the first bridge crossing at:
-State 371 Bridge on the Steamboat River at the mouth of Steamboat Lake
-The County 38 bridges on the Kabekona River and into Benedict Lake
-County 8 Bridge on the Boy River
-Benedict – Boy – Kabekona -and Steamboat lakes are not permitted waters for this event.
-No Smallmouth may be weighed for the Leech Lake tournament.

The top 100 Super 30 money winners list has been updated! Dean becomes the first to go over $40,000 with his Tonka win earlier. Seth and John in 2nd and 3rd are right behind him after their win in the June Tonka event and Brad Cline reaches #4 on the all-time list after a 2nd place finish on Tonka.

We’re back to Tuesday Nights for this year – check the full 2017 Tuesday Night Bassin’ schedule. Ready to sign up? Send in the 2017 Tuesday Night Bassin’ Entry Form

6-19-2017 Minnetonka Super 30 results are up!

Results are posted for the 6-17-2017 Lake Ida Tournament. We still have room for entries, just show up to the landing in the morning with a filled out entry form.

62 teams competed today in the first Tonka event of 2017. Full results post -> May 30th 2017 Super 30 Minnetonka tournament

Our first tournament of 2017 is in the books! Jim Smith and Tom Whitehead had the winning bag on the Mississippi River. Full results -> 5-13-2017 Mississippi River Super 30 Minnesota Bass Tournament

As you may have heard, I will be sending one entry to the Classic Bass Open tournament. To decide who from our circuit goes, I will send the angler with the most points in 5 out of our first 6 tours this year. This includes the first three Minnetonka tournaments (May/June/July) and the first three Super 30 Minnesota tours. The winning team will then decide which angler on the team gets to go to the Open.

Entry forms are rolling in! We are almost full for the Super 30 Minnetonka including 11 new teams. Now is the time to get your entry form in as we should have a full lineup soon.

The 2017  Super 30 Minnesota page has been created. Join today by sending us your 2017 Super 30 Minnesota Entry Form! A few more permits need to come in but likely the six events will be – 5/13 Mississippi River Pools 4&5, 6/17 Lake Ida, 7/15 Leech Lake, 8/12 North Long Lake, 8/26 Lake Minnewaska and 9/23 Gull Chain.

Permits are in and dates are finalized for the 2017 Super 30 Minnetonka! Mark these dates on your calendar – May 30, June 19, July 17, August 14, September 11. Get a head start and send in the 2017 Minnetonka Entry Form.

Congratulations to the top 50 winners of 2016!

With the end of the year, we have another update to the Top 100 All Time Super 30 Money Winners. Thanks to his victory on Mille Lacs, Dean stays on top over Seth and John.

The Super 30 Minnesota season has wrapped up with our final tournament of the year on Lake Minnetonka on Saturday October 8th. Congratulations to Tom Petron and Cory Putnam who have repeated as the Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year!!!

Results for the North Long Lake Tournament on 9-17-2016 is posted.

Thank you to everyone that responded with an entry for the Super 30 Mille Lacs Tournament. You made it happen! Dean Capra and Jeremiah Johnson win with several 6 pound bass and over 25 pounds on 5 fish to edge Seth and John. Tremendous fishing all around and thanks to a great host in Izatys.

Results posted for the 9-12-2016 Super 30 Tonka event – the last tournament in the Super 30 Minnetonka circuit. 2016 Marketing Architects Team of the Year standings are updated – Cody Zdrazil and Paul Coffey come out on top.

Tough Night on Minnetonka. We had 14 Boats and only 5 teams weighed in. Brad and Tony took first with 12-12.5 and caught their 5-2 big bass of the night in the late stages of the tournament. Third place was won with the lowest winning weight of the season with 9lb 8oz by Nate Gniffke and Nelson Hill ( maybe it was the Nelson name !!!!). Dusty and Mike took second and have been improving all season with better weights. 9-1-2016 Thursday Night Bassin Results.
A special thanks to Niles and Ron from Excelsior Brewing for the special treats at weigh-in all season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Results in for the 8-27-2016 Le Homme Dieu bass tournament.

We have a special Super 30 Lake Mille Lacs tournament this year on September 24th. $300 entry fee with slot limit waived. Largemouth/smallmouth combined. This tournament is not a part of the Super 30 Minnetonka or Super 30 Minnesota circuits. No membership fee required. Get the entry form filled out and send to Denny ASAP to get in!!

Results posted for the Clearwater Tournament on August 13th and for the 8-15-2016 Super 30 Minnetonka event.

The Top 100 Super 30 All Time Winners list has been updated with all of the winnings from 2016 so far! Also added is the Top Super 30 Bass Tournament Winners of 2016.

Results posted for the 8-4-2016 Thursday Night Bassin‘. Note that there will be no Thursday Nighter on 8-11-2016 but we will pick back up on the 18th.

Result are in for 7-23-2016 Gull Chain Bass Tournament as well as the 7-28-2016 Thursday Night Bassin’ event.

Results are posted for the 7-18-2016 Minnetonka Bass Tournament as well as updated Team of the Year standings. Results from the July 14th Thursday Night bassin’ event are up too.

Welcome to our newest sponsor – Excelsior Brewing! You may have seen them after one of our events.


Check out the updated 2016 Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year StandingsResults are entered for the 6-30-2016 Thursday Night Bassin’ and 7-7-2016 Thursday Night Bassin’. Join us on July 7th and July 14th for the next two Thursday Night events.  Get your 2016 Thursday Night entry forms in ASAP or join us at the Maxwell Bay Access at 4:00pm .

2016 Thursday Night Bassin’ is set! Results are in for the 6-23-2016 Thursday Night Bassin, the first of the year. Hope the schedule switch works out for everyone. We are not doing Wednesday Nighters this year but Thursday Nighters on Lake Minnetonka, starting 6/23 and going up to possibly 9/8. Every team that participates must pay the $40 one-time fee – each Thursday Night event is $50.

Ease off order posted for the 6-20-2016 Super 30 Minnetonka Tournament and the 6-18-2016 Lake Ida Super 30 Minnesota tournament! Team of the Year standings will be updated after these events. Also look for updates on the future of Wednesday Night Bassin’ very soon!

Results are in for the first Super 30 Minnetonka event of the year on May 31st 2016! 6:30 AM Ease Off. Boats 1-25 weigh in at 2:45. 26 and up at 3:00. Weigh-in at Lord Fletcher’s. We will be on the grass by the parking lot. You can buy beverages at the bar and bring them to the weigh-in.

We are now two weeks out on the first Super 30 Minnetonka event of the year. As of today May 15th we have 35 teams. I will be doing the boat draw on Wednesday May 25th. If your entry is not to me by Tuesday the 24th, you will miss the draw and go out in order that I receive your entry. After those that have their entry already entered. Now is the time to fill out the entry form, write a check, and get it in the mail. I know a lot of you are thinking about it but now is the time to do it! Have a great week and I’ll see you soon.

2016 Balsam Lake Bass Tournament results are up as well as the early results for the 2016 Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year race.

The first tournament of 2016 is in the books. Results posted for the opening 2016 Super 30 Minnesota Tournament on the Mississippi River (Pools 4 & 5).

The schedule is tentatively set for the 2016 Super 30 Minnesota circuit. The 2016 Super 30 Minnesota Entry Form is up – remember $100 Team of the Year fee is optional for the Super 30 MN.

We are back at Lord Fletcher’s for another year! 2016 Super 30 Minnetonka schedule is posted. And here is the 2016 Super 30 Minnetonka Entry Form. We will be weighing in the grass area by the parking lot, where we weighed for the September tournament. This will help us avoid conflicts with existing events at Lord Fletcher’s. I have been told that it is ok to buy a beverage at any of their bars and bring it to the weigh-in site. We are also welcome to move to any open bar after the weigh-in or during, and enjoy the rest of your day. This is great news to me as this is the best site to hold a tournament on the lake.

I have added a ONE TIME dockage fee of $25.00 per team, which works out to be $5.00 per tournament for each team. With this we can keep the pay-offs just as they have been. This is only for the Super 30 Minnetonka series, not the Super 30 Minnesota. The 2016 Super 30 Minnesota page is created but the dates and places are not set yet – look for them around the 1st of the year.

Have a great holiday season ahead and May will be just around the corner!

The Top 100 All-Time Money Winner list has been updated with all the 2015 tournaments. Dean Capra continues to lead at $37,844 with John Figi ($33885) and Seth Feider ($33780) pushing forward in the #2 and #3 spots. The Top 50 2015 Money Winner list has been compiled as well with John netting $5150 for the high mark on the year.

2015 Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year standings are finalized! Cory Putnam and Tom Petron are the 2015 Team of the Year winners for the Super 30 Minnesota. Also results are posted for the final 2015 Super 30 MN tournament – 10-10-2015 Whitefish Chain Tournament.

It is time to think about winterizing! Larry’s Marine has taken care of Super 30 anglers for many years with great deals and they are doing it again this year. Read more below:

Special offer for Winterizing:
Special offer for Denny’s Super 30 anglers!
Winterizing and indoor storage $400.00 per boat
Note: Anglers will have to drop off boat at Larry’s Marine Services.
For more information, call Larry at 952-472-5238
Winterizing includes: Engine fogging, lower unit check, stabilizing gas, anti-freeze for live-wells

If you are looking to buy or sell a boat, check out the Super 30 classifieds – Minnesota Bass Boats for Sale. Check them out and if you want to get your boat on the list, send Denny an email with the details and we will get it up!

Ease Off order posted for 9-12-2015 Horseshoe Chain Bass Tournament and the final Super 30 event – 9-14-2015 Super 30 Minnetonka.

Results are in for the final Wednesday Night Bassin’ event of 2015 – 8-26-2015 tournament results.

Just a quick note to let you know that have been given the OK to have our tournament at Lord Fletcher’s on Sept 14th.

We will have a meeting before blast off that morning about 7:15

Blast off is at 7:30

This is good news and we need to set some rules about what we do at Lord Fletcher’s – Please remember that we are their guests.

The 8-21-2015 Lake Miltona Super 30 Minnesota results are posted! Super 30 Minnesota standings are updated as well.

Fishing Clearance Sale at Joe’s! – Now is the time to stock up on bait or buy a new rod. The prices for fishing stuff will never be lower! Joe’s Sporting Goods Fishing Clearance Sale runs from Thursday August 20th to Sunday August 23rd. Thanks and hope to see you there!

Ease off order is set for the 8-22-2015 Lake Miltona Bass Tournament with ease off and weigh-in details! Wednesday Night Bassin’ results are in from the event this week – 8-19-2015.

8-10-2015 Super 30 Minnetonka results are in! Thanks to all the anglers for making it work. Stay tuned on the September tournament, hope to have a better weigh-in/ease-off process by then. 2015 Marketing Architects Team of the Year standings are updated as well.

Results up for the 8-5-2015 Wednesday Night Bassin’ event as well as the 8-12-2015 Wednesday Night Bassin’ event..


Here is a link to the 2015 Super 30 Team of the Year standings. Seth and John in the lead – 3 Tonka events fished 2 to go. Next event on the 10th of August if we can secure a weigh-in place. Stay tuned.

7-29-2015 Wednesday Night Bassin’ tournament results are up.

Another day another tournament – 7-22-2015 Wednesday Night Bassin’ tournament results posted.

Results are in for the 7-18-2015 North Long Lake Super 30 Minnesota tournament, and the Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year page is up.

Results are posted for the 7-15-2015 Wednesday Night Bassin’ event. Biggest bass of the year – 6 pounds 1 ounce – caught by the winners Randy LaTourelle and Corey Weber. Next up – North Long Lake this Saturday – see you there.

Ease Off order is posted for the 7-20-2015 Super 30 Minnetonka and the 7-18-2015 North Long Lake tournamentfor the Super 30 Minnesota. If you have a different partner for the tournament please let me know so I can get the scoreboard correct ahead of time. Thanks – Denny.

Just posted are the results for the 7-8-2015 Wednesday Night Bassin’ tournament. Special thanks to Excelsior Brewing for the cold treats after the event!

Don’t miss these deals at Joe’s! Thursday July 9th 9am-8pm is Shimano Day at Joe’s. Be one of the first 50 in the door with your reel or spool and receive a free spool of Power Pro line. The discounts will be better than your Fishing Club discount and there will be some great deals on rep samples as well as drawings for gift cards and a rod and reel. Here is the sheet with more info – July 9th Shimano Day at Joe’s.

7-1-2015 Wednesday Night Bassin’ results are posted.

Top 100 Money Winners is now updated as of all the tournaments in 2015.

6-24-2015 Wednesday Night Bassin’ results are in! This is the first of the year and every Wednesday after this through August we will be set.

Our 2nd of 5 Super 30 Tonka tournaments is in the books. 6-22-2015 Minnetonka Tournament Results.

2015 Wednesday Night Bassin’ is officially set! Every Wednesday from June 24th to August 26th we will be fishing at Tonka. $50 per team, $10 optional big bass pot, $40 one-time team membership fee. Here is the 2015 Wednesday Bassin’ Entry Form.

Tournament results are now posted for the June 13th Lake Ida Super 30 Minnesota tournament – the first of the year.  Lake Ida Bass Tournament.

Well it looks like Wednesday Night Bassin’ is back for 2015. I hope to have the permits back so we can start on June 24th. The plan is to have theme very Wednesday thru July and August. Same start time of 4:00 pm and weigh-in will be determined each week by sunset – please check with me each week for that time. Watch the web site and I will send out another email when I have permits that I need with the starting date. Thanks for your interest in having these again. Entry fee will be $50 per team and a $10 optional big bass pot. 

May 26th 2015 Super 30 Minnetonka Results posted. 1st Super 30 event of the year!


Results are in for the 2015 Balsam Lake Spring Blast Bass Tournament. Here we go for another season – The Super 30 series’ will be starting soon! If you haven’t paid your entry please do so now. Thank you.

On Saturday May 9th, 2015 we are having theBalsam Lake Spring Blast Bass Tournament. $300.00 entry fee with no membership fees – this tournament is not part of the Super 30 circuit but just a chance to get out and start your bass tournament season with some friendly faces. 30 boat maximum so get your entry in as soon as you can. For more information check out the link above for the Balsam Lake Bass Tournament page.

A big welcome to our new sponsor – Skeeter Boat Center! Stay tuned for an announcement on what Skeeter has in store for 2015.

New schedules and entry forms are up! 2015 Super 30 Entry Form and 2015 Super 30 Minnesota Entry Form. Get signed up and lock in your team for 2015 Super 30 Minnetonka and 2015 Super 30 Minnesota.

The final Super 30 tournament results are posted – Super 30 Minnesota Clearwater Tournament results. This also means our Super 30 Minnesota Feldmann Imports Team of the Year standings are finalized. Congratulations to the winners, Pat & Nasha Martin, as well as all the other anglers for a very competitive season! Thanks and see you in 2015. Stay tuned for updates on the Top Money Winners of 2014 as well as the Top 100 Winners in Denny Super 30 history. We will also post on the tentative 2015 schedule.

Clearwater Ease Off details are listed for 10-11-2014, including Ease Off order. This is the last tournament of the year for us and we will figure out the Super 30 Minnesota Feldmann Team of the Year standings follow this event. Note that like the other Super 30 Minnesota events – this is open only for teams that are in the Super 30 Minnesota Circuit. Thanks and good luck.

The Final Thursday Night Bassin Tournament from 9-25-2014 is in the books. Thanks for going along with the scheduling switches for these events this year.

Thursday Night Bassin tournament results are in for 9-11-2014. Last event in the Tuesday/Thursday series will be on Thursday September 26th. It will be the last Minnetonka tournament for us this year so let’s make it a good one.

The weigh-in for the upcoming Clearwater Super 30 MN tournament in October will be at the Waterfront Restaurant which is next to BJ’s Bait. If you are pre-fishing and feel like a burger or a nice meal stop in. They are open at 4:00 during the week and at noon on the weekend. If you stop in, let them know you are fishing the tournament and say hi to the owner – Shelly.

The Ease Off for the Le Homme Dieu Chain will be the beach (Rotor Beach), by the channel going into Carlos. It is next to the public access. This will save everyone from going through the slow zone in am. The only lakes we are fishing are Le Homme Dieu, Darling, Carlos, Geneva and Victoria. All other lakes are off limits for this tournament.

Final Results posted for the 9-8-2014 Super 30 Minnetonka tournament. And congrats to the 2014 Marketing Architects Team of the Year for the Minnetonka Series – Jeff Allen and Ryan Otto. 2014 Super 30 Minnetonka Team of the Year Final Standings. Ease Off is at 7:30am and NO SMALL MOUTH BASS. If you show up with small mouth at the scales it will DQ your team. This is the final Super 30 of the year so plan on weigh-in taking a little longer to sort out Marketing Architects Team of the Year standings and pay-outs!

I have changed the Tuesday Night schedule for September!!! Cancel the tours on 9/9 & 9/23, and ADD tours on Thursday 9/11 & 9/25. If this does not work for you let me know and I will send you a refund if you have paid in advance. We have openings if anyone wants to fish these dates. Hope this works for everyone – sorry but my work schedule had a change for September. 

Results posted for the 8-26-2014 Tuesday Night Bassin tomorrow night.

Super 30 Minnesota Le Homme Dieu – The lakes we can fish for the Le Homme Dieu Chain Tournament are Carlos, Darling, Le Homme Dieu, Geneva and Victoria. Ease Off and Weigh-In at Bug-A-Boo Bay Restaurant docks. Ease Off 8:00am Weigh-In at 4:00pm.

Results also posted for the 8-18-2014 Super 30 Minnetonka tournament. This is the 2nd to last Super 30 tournament.

Results are set up for the 8-16-2014 North Long Lake Super 30 Minnesota event. If you have a different partner for a Super 30 event please contact me. Just nice to have the scoreboard correct. Thanks.

Welcome back anglers! After two weeks off we are back at it – 8-5-2014 Tuesday Night Bassin Results are posted. This is the last Tuesday Nighter before the next Super 30 event (August 18th).

7-22-2014 Tuesday Night Bassin results are in. There will now be a two week hiatus for the Denny events – next Tuesday Nighter is August 5th. The next Super 30 Minnetonka is on August 18th and the next Super 30 Minnesota is August 16th at North Long Lake.

Today we are in Lake Minnewaska for the third Super 30 Minnesota event. Results to be posted later in the evening likely. Just posted the other day, 7-15-2014 Tuesday Night Bassin results.

Our third Super 30 Minnetonka tournament has finished today, with Seth Feider and John Figi ending up on top. Full 7-14-2014 Super 30 Minnetonka Tournament Results.

Just posted, the Ease Off order for the Super 30 Minnesota Lake Minnewaska tournament.

7-8-2014 Tuesday Night Bassin’ Results.

Top 100 Super 30 Anglers of All Time – Dean Capra has taken the number one spot as the all-time money winner in Denny’s Super 30 bass tournaments. Dean moved ahead of Pat Jeffries and his dad Ted Capra, after cashing at the Green Lake tournament and in both of the Minnetonka Super 30’s this year. Dean is always a tough competitor and I expect that he will increase his lead as the year plays out. Pat Jeffries held the top spot for many years but has not been a regular at tournaments for a long time.

Tuesday Evening Bassin’ – Almost a week away from the first Tuesday Night Bassin’ tournament. Send me an entry or email to let me know you are fishing. It will probably be no wake just like the Super 30 series, but it is the same for everyone. Come out and enjoy the fun.

Insurance quotes from a Minnesota Independent agent

Rain Rain Rain go away!!!! My guess is we will have another No Wake tournament on July 16th. I have been following the water level on Lake Minnetonka at, which gives a daily update of where the lak is at. Starting June 5th it was at 930.65 – June 13th – 930.53 and today June 20th it is at 931.03 feet above sea level. The no wake will not be lifted until the level is 930.30 for 3 days. That means the lake has to drop about 8.75 inches to get to 930.30. The no wake will also be in force for the Tuesday Night Bassin’. We need some hot/dry days for the water level to drop.

I would like some thoughts about adding the extra hours like we did June 16th – yes or no?

We have received the OK for ease off locations at the following Super 30 Minnesota Tournaments. The 8/16/2014 North Long Lake tournament will be at Train Bell Resort (7am to 3pm) and the 9/20/2014 Le Homme Dieu tournament will be at Bug-A-Boo Bay (8am to 4pm).

Super 30 Minnesota Green Lake Results and the Super 30 Minnetonka June 16th Tournament Results are posted. Now that we have two events done for both circuits, also posted are the 2014 Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year standings .

Emails – If you have not received an email from me within the last week or so, please email me so I can get you on the list. I had to delete many emails that were causing me problems in sending to the large group. Sometimes the written email on an entry form was too hard to read and get right, and caused the whole email to not go. I corrected what I have and some of you may not be getting what I am sending. Thanks.

No Wake Tournament Update – The Super 30 Minnetonka on June 16th is a go. We may however be a no wake tournament, should the no-wake restriction (read below) not be lifted by then. With the forecast upcoming, it does not look good. I have contacted the DNR and have the OK to add some time to the fishing day. If the no wake is still in force, we will adjust the hours as follows:

Start time will be 6:00am and weigh-in time will be 4:00pm. That is an additional 1 1/2 hours which should help make up for the idle time. It will be the same for all boats, so it will be as fair as possible for all teams. Plan on having to pre-fish with the no wake in force. I’m sure the Water Patrol will be ticketing anyone on plane. Keep those idle speeds to a minimum wake to avoid a ticket also. We will plan on a 6:00am start time June 16th. I will let you know the weigh-in time depending on the No Wake or normal use of the lake as we get closer to the date.

I know many of you have made arrangements for the day off and with the short time until the 16th and the fact that many of you would have trouble changing to a new day (I’m not sure what is even available), I feel this is the best solution to the problem.

Effective 6-5-2014 – Lake Minnetonka will be entirely no-wake. This restriction will be removed once the lake returns to 930.30 ft (which is about a 4 inch drop from where it is now). This will effect practice time and possibly our upcoming tournament day on June 16th.

Still room for more Super 30 Teams – There is still time to enter the Super 30 Minnesota Tournaments. We have 5 tournaments left and the Feldmann Team of the Year is a best four of six tournaments. This leaves you plenty of time to get in on the action. The Team of the Year pot will be paid to the top SIX teams and has over $4000.00 in the pot now and a projected pot of over $7000.00 at the end of the season. To get in, you need to pay for 4 tournaments ($1200), Team of the Year ($100) and membership fee ($40), unless of course you have already paid it for 2014. Call me (612-201-2406), send an entry form, or email me if you are interested. Our next tournament is on Green Lake (Spicer) on June 14th. We have 25 boats already for Green – 1st Place is $2300+, and we will pay 6 places (that goes to 7 places with one more team). Click the following link for the rest of the 2014 Super 30 Minnesota schedule.

Prize Packages for 2014 Tournaments – The Minnetonka and Minnesota Super 30 tournaments will have a prize package for the top teams from Minn Kota/Humminbird. Based on the Team of the Year points in each series, the top teams that have a Minn Kota trolling motor and a Humminbird electric will receive a clothing package from Johnson Outdoors, our Minn Kota and Humminbird sponsor. I’m sure that having a Talon will also qualify as a second product to put in the running. If you have questions about any of these products, see Chris Peterson from Wellman Sports Marketing. Chris is fishing the Minnetonka tournaments with Mike Brill.

5-27-2014 Super 30 Minnetonka Tournament Results are posted! The champions from last year are back on top out of 52 boats. The next Super 30 tournaments are June 14th (Green Lake – Super 30 Minnesota) and the June 16th Super 30 Minnetonka. In the mean time, keep watching our May Minnesota Bass Tournament Results page as we are listing all local tournament results to go with the full 2014 Minnesota Bass Tournament Schedule. Also make sure you read the important announcement in the paragraph below about Wednesday Night Bassin’ (now Tuesday Night Bassin’ for 2014).

WEDNESDAY NIGHT BASSIN’ – The Wednesday Evening Bassin’ had to be moved to TUESDAY EVENING for 2014. I had schedule problems with Wednesday’s this year and hope that Tuesday will work for everyone. Everything will be the same as last year; $25.00 entry fee per angler and two anglers per boat. I could not get the permit applications in for a June start, but we can work in 8 tournaments in July, August and September. Hope the Tuesday’s will work for those interested in fishing these tournaments. It was Tuesday or nothing for me. Thanks –  Denny.

Here is the Ease Off order for the first 2014 Super 30 Minnetonka tournament. 6:30 Ease Off Tuesday May 27th. Tournament is now full, though there may be room going forward in upcoming Minnetonka tournaments.

Teams that would like to fish the Super 30 Minnesota series can still enter. New teams need to pay for four tournaments, Team of the Year, and membership fee (unless you have already paid this year). An entry form, along with a check for $1,340.00 for four tournaments is required. You have until the Minnewaska tournament (third tournament) to get into the Super 30 Minnesota tournaments

Results are listed for the Super 30 Minnesota Mississippi River event on Saturday May 17th, 2014. We have 22 teams committed to fish the entire Super 30 Minnesota circuit this year and still room for more. Also, for this event only, if you just want to fish the Mississippi River event without committing to the entire circuit you can do so! Just email or call me. Good luck to all the anglers on the first Super 30 tournament of the year. It’s going to be another fun year with lots of competition and solid payouts. See you Saturday.

Mississippi River
I called the Alma Marina this a.m. (Monday) and the water level is going down; we should be set for Saturday’s tournament. I have openings for the Mississippi River tournament on Sat. May 17th – give me a call if you want to fish. Denny – 612-201-2406

Minnetonka Super 30
Entries have slowed and we are NOT full. Now is the time to get an entry in. Also looks like I will be able to take some teams that want to fish some single tournaments. Let me know if you are interested and I will do my best to get you into the date you would like to fish. Tuesday May 27th is the first one for 2014.

Just a reminder – if you have a boat to sell, you can list your bass boat on the Denny’s Super 30 website. This is free for a few more days, so take advantage! Starting May 1st, we will be charging $30.00 to list your boat with a picture and we will keep your boat on the site until it sells. Since we started this service, we have sold several boats.

Email the info to: or to Include picture, contact info, price, and any other info about the boat you would like to have with the ad.

Minnesota Super 30 update!!!!!!!

As of today, April 24th, I have 22 firm/committed teams for the Minnesota Super 30 tournaments. I know of three other teams that have expressed an interest in fishing these tournaments if they are closed to teams wanting to fish just one or two events.

I have made an exception for the Mississippi River tournament and will allow teams to fish this tournament even if they do not want to fish any of the other Super 30 Minnesota tournaments.

All other tournaments in the Minnesota series are now closed to teams that do not agree to fish a minimum of four of the six circuit tournaments. Anyone entering after the Green Lake tournament will be required to pay a non-refundable entry fee of $1,340.00. This amount covers the entry fee, membership fee and the Feldmann Nissan Team of the Year.

Thank you to all the teams that have committed to the Minnesota Super 30! This will be a fun year with great competition on a series of great lakes.

Joe’s Sporting Goods is offering a discount to all members of Denny’s Super 30 for 2014. When checking out, just tell the cashier that you are a member of Denny’s and you will get up to a 20% discount. See the flyer on the right sidebar for more details. Also, Joe has many free seminars for you to attend.

The 2014 season is coming fast. The first Super 30 tournament is just over a month away when we start on the Mississippi River, pools 4 & 5, on May 17th. We will be going out of the Alma Marina which is just north of Alma, WI. A Minnesota fishing license is all you need or Wisconsin if you have one.


As of this email I have 11 paid entries and a firm commitment from 6 other teams. A couple more team entries and I’ll be able to close the tournaments to teams that are not fishing at least four tournaments. If you are on the fence waiting for me to close these tournaments to just teams fishing the “circuit” now is the time to get an entry in as I am 99% sure that this will happen. See the exception for the River tournament below.

Mississippi River tournament – OPEN TO ALL ANGLERS

I am going to open the Mississippi River tournament to anyone that wants to fish it. There are several teams that are fishing all the other Minnesota tournaments but are not fishing this one. By opening this to anyone we will have a better field / pay off and it will add money to the Feldmann Nissan Team of the Year Pot. All teams fishing this tournament must pay the $100 team of the year fee, with their entry.


We are half way to a full field of 50 teams which is about where we are at this time of year. Now that the snow is almost gone and guys can think about soft water fishing I’m sure the entries will come in a little faster. I am confident that by the time of the first tournament on Tuesday May 27th there will be 50 teams at Lord Fletcher’s to get the Minnetonka tournaments underway.

If you have any questions about the tournaments give me a call or email. See you soon! Get those entries in and your boats and tackle ready— spring is here.

Ease off for Mississippi River – May 17th

Ease off at 6:30 am – from the Alam Marina just north of the city. Weigh-in at the same location at 3:30 pm.

If you have a boat to sell – list it now – FREE. It will stay on Denny’s Super 30 until sold. On May 1st we will start charging a fee for you to list your boat. In case you haven’t noticed there have been 3 boats sold off our web site already. Take advantage now or later, we will get your boat looked at.

Entries have been coming in for both series and I will have an update in the near future. April is just around the corner and then the tournament season starts in May. Make a decision to fish the Denny Super 30’s; we would love to have you fishing with us in 2014. Good people, good lakes, good fun and what I think is good pay-offs.

Super 30 Minnetonka Entry Form
Super 30 Minnesota Entry Form

If you have not received an email from me in the past couple of weeks, it is likely I do not have your current email address. If this is the case, email and we will get you on the Super 30 mailing list.

I have made a change in the Super 30 Minnesota schedule. There have been several requests to make it possible for teams to fish the NABC tournaments and not have to miss a Super 30 tournament.

In an effort to get as many teams as possible for the Minnesota Super 30, I have changed the North Long Lake tournament date. The new date is one week earlier – North Long Lake will be on August 16th. I hope this doesn’t alter anyone’s plans. I don’t like to make changes but we have to submit our permit requests prior to knowing what other circuits are doing. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this change.

We have four teams that have confirmed entry to the Minnesota Super 30 already – a record number for January. Also several teams that have called to let me know they are making plans to fish this series. Let’s get this to 20 or more teams and have a great season.

2013 Updates

The 2014 Super 30 Minnetonka and 2014 Super 30 Minnesota pages have been created with new information about payouts, rules, and more. Take a look so you have an idea of what to expect going forward to 2014.

With the 2013 season wrapping up, check out the updated Top 100 bass tournament winners in the history of Denny’s Super 30. We have also added the Top 50 2013 Bass Tournament Money Winners.

Results are in for the Sauk Lake bass tournament on September 21st, which was the last Super 30 tournament of 2013. Finalized results are in for the 2013 Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year sponsored by Feldmann Imports.

Wednesday Night September 11th 2013 Results are posted. It is the last Wednesday Night Bassin’ of 2013. There is one final tournament left for 2013 – September 21st, 2013 Super 30 Minnesota event at Sauk Lake.

Minnetonka Super 30 – September 9th 2013
It was an exciting finish to the season with the Team of the Year on the line. Ryan and Corey Brant were 5 points behind the leaders Seth Feider and John Figi heading out for the final tournament of the season. There were 7 places in the money with several teams that had an opportunity to make a move. Ryan and Corey made the biggest with a 30# bag that was enough to give them first place for the day, and enough points to tie Seth and John for the 2013 Marketing Architect’s Team of the Year title. The two teams split the 1st and 2nd place money and took home $1,600.00 each along with trophies. Cody Zdrazil and Dusty Mahn took second for the day with 29-3 and finished 4th in the Team of the Year. We had three teams getting into the money for the first time this year – Brett Morgan & Eric Zrust in 5th place (also big bass), Aaron McGraw & Pete Przepiora in 7th and Craig Zrust & Steve Rowe (sub for Tom Zrust) in 8th.

Thanks to all the anglers for another great season. See you next season.

The boat draw is posted for the final Super 30 Minnetonka bass tournament of the year. It will be on September 9th, 2013. Plan on staying a few minutes after as final Team of the Year point totals are calculated and paid out to the winners. Also of note is the Ease Off is at 8:00am and weigh-in at 4:00pm.

Results are in for the Wednesday Night Bassin’ on August 28th, 2013. Last Wednesday Night Bassin’ event of 2013 is on September 11th.

The Super 30 Bass Tournaments have now passed the $2 million dollar mark in pay outs! With all the tournaments for 2013, up through the recent Minnewaska tournament, our total payout since the first tournament in 1989 is now at: $2,013,752.00

Just posted – Super 30 Minnesota Lake Minnewaska tournament results from 8-24-2013. It is the second-to-last Super 30 Minnesota event, with Sauk Lake in September being the last. Here are the current Super 30 Minnesota standings heading into the last event.

The tournament results are up for the 8-19-2013 Super 30 Minnetonka event. One more Super 30 Minnetonka event to determine the 2013 Marketing Architects Team of the Year (standings are updated as of the recent Super 30). Best of luck to all anglers in what has been another great season.

Bass tournament results are now in for the August 14th Wednesday Night Bassin’.

Another Super 30 Minnesota tournament is wrapped up – Super 30 MN Leech Lake Bass Tournament Results. And with it, so are the Feldmann Imports Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year Standings.

Results are in for the 7-31-2013 Wednesday Night Bassin’ tournament.

The Super 30 Minnesota Leech Lake Ease Off is up. There are a couple very important news items related to this tournament. #1. Limit is 8 Largemouth Bass – No Smallmouth Bass. Also, boats may not go past the following boundaries: Co. Rd. 38 Bridges on Kabekona Bay and Kabekona River, State 371 Bridge on the Steamboat River, County 8 Bridge on the Boy River

We will have openings and will take entries Saturday; bring filled out entry form and cash.

Results are in for Wednesday Night Bassin July 24th 2013. Next event is the Denny Super 30 Minnesota Leech Lake Tournament on August 3rd 2013. As a reminder, DNR permits DO NOT allow smallmouth bass to be weighed on Leech Lake. It will be largemouth bass only.

The July 15th, 2013 Super 30 Minnetonka Bass Tournament is in the books. The Marketing Architects Team of the Year standings have been updated accordingly.


If you know you are having a sub for any of the tournaments, PLEASE try to let me know ahead of time. Email or phone so I can get the scoreboard and paper-work correct. It is hard to correct the scoreboards after I have them done. THANKS

Weigh-in Locations

Finding weigh-in locations is never easy. You can all help by having lunch or dinner at the locations we use. I hear all the time that there is nothing in it for them to host a tournament. If you do go – take a minute and let them know that you fish tournaments and thank them for letting us use their location.

We could not get back into Bar Harbor on Gull this year because the manager said nobody even bought a beer. I know that is false because I ate there along with several other teams. For some reason they don’t see us or remember that we try to support them. Thanks for your support in keeping the tournament locations open for all tournaments to use them.


That is the fastest way to get us turned away the next time we want to come back.

Denny Super 30 new address

An important heads-up on the new postal address for Denny’s Super 30 that you will see on the entry forms, effective immediately. The South Haven MN address has been replaced and checks are now sent to:

Denny’s Super 30
5555 Dewey Hill Road #112
Edina, MN 55439

Wednesday Evening Bassin’ – 2013

I have had several requests about the Wednesday Evening Bassin’ so here it is. It will be very much the same as last year with a 25 boat limit of two (2) man teams with an entry fee of $50.00 per team. We need two anglers per boat to meet the DNR requirements. There will also be an optional big bass pot of $10 per boat with 100% pay back to the winners.
Super 30 rules apply – plus the following:

4 bass limit
No fishing from 3:30-4:30pm
Ease off will be from the Maxwell Bay access – 4:30pm
Tournament fishing from Ease-Off to about 10-15 minutes prior to sunset – check with the tournament director each week for the weigh-in time.

The dates are:
June – 12 – 19 – 26
July – 10 – 24 – 31
Aug – 14 – 28
Sept – 11

Spring will come ……Trust Me. Denny

Because of not having a mailing this year I need to make sure I have email addresses for everyone. If you did NOT receive an email from me today, 1/25/13 – I probably have your wrong email address or no address at all. Please email me at so I will have your email for future news regarding the Super 30 tournaments.
Thanks, Denny

Life Jackets—–

It is required by my permits that anglers wear their life jackets when the big engine is running. If it is seen by me or reported to me that teams are not complying – I will take action and DQ those that do not comply. I know it can be hot out there but it is a requirement. you want a discount on your tackle? Go to Joe’s Sporting Goods – Located at Hwy 36 and Rice St. When you are checking out tell them you are in the Denny’s Super 30 Club. You will get a 20% discount on tackle – best deal in town.

Email or call 612-201-2406 with any comments, questions or suggestions.

For Sale:

Mercury Thruster Prop 25 pitch – includes hardware needed to use on a Yamaha or on a Mercury – Like New $300.00

Yamaha just rebuilt – like new – 25 pitch – $300.00

Call Denny – 612-201-2406


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