Denny’s Super 30 Bass Tournament Rules

Updated 2018-2019 Denny’s Super 30 Tournaments Rules


OFF LIMITS- Anglers must be off the tournament water at 5:00 p.m. the day prior to the tournament.

Tuesday Nighters: No Off Limits – No Fishing from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on the day of the tournament.

  1. You must be member of Denny’s Super 30 Bass Tournaments to enter.
    Under the age of 16 years you must fish with a parent or guardian.
  2. Denny’s Super 30 tournament staff reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual or team for any reason they deem appropriate and may ask for a polygraph test for any contestant, winner or non-winner.
  3. All anglers will wear a USCG approved flotation vest or jacket when the combustion engine is running.
  4. Winners will be determined by total weight of Large & Smallmouth Bass (pounds & ounces)
  5. Super 30 Limit: Limit of bass per team will be six (6) bass with a minimum length of 12”.
    Tuesday Limit: Limit of bass per team will be four (4) bass with a minimum length of 12”.
    Bass are measured with closed mouth and tail fanned.
    Weighing a short fish will result in a one pound penalty per fish plus no weight for the short bass.
  6. Dead fish will receive a two (2) ounce penalty per dead fish. Penalty will apply to big bass also.
  7. Any bass presented for weigh in that shows signs of being on a stringer, caging, out of the ordinary condition or coloring will not be weighed.
  8. TIES – Ties will be broken by: (1)- Number of bass. (2)- Biggest Bass
    If still tied the prize money will be split and each team will receive the points for the position they are tied for.
  9. All bass that are alive will be released after the weigh-in.
  10. LATE PENALTY- Any team late for weigh-in will be disqualified.
    You must report your boat number to a tournament official by your weigh in time, No Exceptions.
    Teams late for ease-off may fish after having their boat checked by the tournament staff or other tournament boat.
  11. No Alcoholic beverages. No live bait, no holding of spots, no motor trolling.
    CB’s, cell phones Etc. are to be used for emergency only.
  12. Courtesy Rule- Placing a marker out allows a team the casting distance around that marker.
    One marker at a time may be used. Common courtesy will prevail in other situations.
  13. Breaking of fishing or boating rules or breaking of tournament rules are grounds for disqualification.
  14. Tournament official’s decisions are final.
  15. Protests will be in writing within 15 minutes of weigh in time.
  16. By paying the entry fee, you agree to the rules and agree that all liabilities of the sponsors are waived with no exceptions.
  17. If you have a mechanical breakdown you may bring your catch to the weigh in via another competitors boat.
    One member of the team may stay with the disabled boat for safety reasons.
  18. Platforms may NOT be added to boats that extend above the gunwale of the boat.
  19. No refund of entry fees within one week of tournament. Call if there is an emergency situation.

All rules apply to tournament day only.


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