Super 30 2015 Top 50 Bass Tournament Winners

Denny’s Super 30 Top 50 2015 Bass Tournament Money Winners Updated 10/19/2015 We had 113 anglers cash a Super 30 check in 2015. We now have 949 anglers that have cashed in a Denny’s Super 30 tournament since 1989, with a total cash pay out of $2,249,997.00!

Super 30 Top 100 Money Winners

Top 100 All-Time Money Winners September 25th, 2017 Update – As of today Denny’s Super 30 has paid out $2,472,567.00 plus prizes etc. There have been 1011 anglers that have cashed in at one of our tournaments. Thank you to all that have been a part of this amazing run. Denny P.S. We are not done yet! I held my first Super 30 tournament in the fall of 1989 on Clearwater with seven boats. Since … Read moreSuper 30 Top 100 Money Winners