Denny 2008 Minnesota Bass Tournament Director

I held my first Super 30 tournament in the fall of 1989 on Clearwater with seven boats. Since then I lost track of the number of tournaments held but it has been a lot.

I have kept a spread sheet with the names and dollar amounts of money paid over nearly 30 years and to date there have been 1000+ anglers that have cashed in a Denny’s Super 30 tournament. That includes the Super 30 and Wednesday Evening Bassin’ events. The amounts do NOT include big bass pots or value of prizes given out. Over the years the total would be higher as we have given out many rods, reels, batteries, plaques, and price packages from our sponsors. The angler’s totals range from the bottom at $28.00 to the top angler which is Dean Capra with $37,594.00 (as of August 1st, 2015). There are 20 anglers that have won over $20,000.00 and 57 anglers that have won over $10,000.00. These totals are what an individual angler wins, if the team wins $1,000.00 the individual angler is credited with $500.00. You can see the Top 100 Money Winners here on the web site.

Unbelievable as it looks, the total money paid out so far is $2,581,283.00.

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