2013 Super 30 Minnetonka

2013 Denny’s Super 30 Minnetonka Tournaments

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Feldman Imports Referral Program

Entry Fee $300.00

Super 30 Tournaments

Pay Off!

   1 – $5,000    5 – $1,000
2 – $2,250   6 – $800
3 – $1,500   7 – $600
4 – $1,200   8 – $400

Big Bass – $500

(Based on 50 Teams)

It is required by my permits that anglers wear their life jackets when the big engine is running. If it is seen by me or reported to me that teams are not complying – I will take action and DQ those that do not comply. I know it can be hot out there but it is a requirement.

5/28/13 Lake Minnetonka Lord Fletcher's 6:30 AM Results
6/17/13 Lake Minnetonka Lord Fletcher's 6:30 AM Results
7/15/13 Lake Minnetonka Lord Fletcher's 6:30 AM Results
8/19/13 Lake Minnetonka Lord Fletcher's 7:00 AM Results
9/9/13 Lake Minnetonka Lord Fletcher's 8:00 AM Results

Super 30 Rules

2014 Super 30 Entry Form

Final 2013 Team of the Year Standings

All anglers fishing these tournaments need to read this.

To keep the book keeping at a minimum, the down payment to hold a place for your team will be:
$890.00 for teams in the Team of the Year. ($790.00 if you are not in the T/Y) –
That payment is the Team of the Year $100 entry, Membership fee, $350.00 for the May tournament, and a $100.00 deposit for each of the last four tournaments. (Non-refundable).
The balance of $800.00, is due prior to the July tournament.
If the above payment schedule is not possible for you, contact me and I’ll see if we can work something out.
Many teams have been great at getting the money to me ahead of the upcoming tournament and others have not.
I have been more flexible than most tournaments over the years but collecting what I collect each Monday has gotten out of hand. Thanks for your help and looking forward to another great Super 30 Season.

Marketing Architects “Team of the Year” competition.


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