2013 Super 30 Minnesota

2013 Denny’s Super 30 Minnesota Tournaments

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Feldman Imports Referral Program

Entry Fee $300.00

Super 30 Tournaments

Pay Off!

   1 – $3,200
2 – $1,600
3 – $1,000
4 – $700
5 – $400

Team of the Year Pot – $600

(Based on 30 Teams)

Optional Team of the Year Entry Fee: $100.00
100% payback to top three teams

The entry fee will be increased from $270.00 (with big bass) to $300.00 including the big bass pot. All of the $30.00 increase will be paid out. Below are pay outs based on 30 boats. My goal is to reach 30 teams or more that are committed to fishing all of the events and are in the Feldmann Team of the Year competition. If we have 30 teams, we will not take other entries. The “pot” starts with $1000.00 from Feldmann Imports. We will take $20.00 from each entry and add it to the Team of the Year “Pot”. Also part of the Pot will be a one-time entry fee for each team into the Team of the Year of $100.00. This “Pot” will be paid to the top three teams.

Ramp Pay Off (based on 30 boats) Team of the Year (based on 30 boats)

1 – $3200.00 – 1 – $4000.00
2 – $1600.00 – 2 – $2000.00
3 – $1000.00 – 3 – $1000.00
4 – $700.00
5 – $400.00
Big Bass – $300.00
It could be that the winner of the last tournament of the year will walk away with two checks for a total of $7200.00. Plan now to fish the five Minnesota Super 30 tournaments in 2013. However if you cannot, know that we will be using the best four out of five tournaments for the Super 30 Minnesota Team of the Year contest! Our sub policy allows unlimited subs as long as one member of the “team” is fishing. A down payment of $440.00 (first tournament, membership fee, and team of the year) will lock in your team for entry to the five tournaments. Watch for emails for more information.

Minn-Kota & Humminbird – Announce new prize package
The top team in the Super 30 Minnetonka and Super 30 Minnesota circuits that have both a Minn-Kota trolling motor and Humminbird electronics on their boat will receive a “Clothing Package”. You need to have both in use on your boat to be eligible for this prize. This will be two “packages” and we can work out the size that you need. Minn-Kota and Humminbird have sponsored the Super 30 tournaments for many years and this is a great extra prize for the winners.

It is required by my permits that anglers wear their life jackets when the big engine is running. If it is seen by me or reported to me that teams are not complying – I will take action and DQ those that do not comply. I know it can be hot out there but it is a requirement.

5/18/13 Balsam Lake 150th St. N. Access Results
6/8/13 Lake Ida Big Horn Bay Resort Results
7/13/13 Gull Lake Ernie's on Gull Results
8/3/13 Leech Lake Horseshoe Bay Resort Results
8/24/13 Lake Minnewaska Water's Edge Results
9/21/13 Sauk Lake Sauk Centre Park access Results

Super 30 Rules

2014 Super 30 Entry Form

Final 2013 Team of the Year Standings

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